GLUCaaS™ is a hosted telephony service that allows businesses to transition from managing costly premises- based phone systems to having it run from the cloud. No matter the size of your business, the number of locations or the current state of your phone system, GLUCaaS can support all of your telephony requirements. As your phone system ages or reaches capacity, GLUCaaS provides an opportunity to reduce your costs and support your business with a service that is cost efficient and feature-rich.

Simplify your world!

No more day to day IT management and administration. With GLUCaaS, you can seamlessly transition from your legacy, premise-based phone system; choose the features you need, at a cost that meets your budget. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to support you at every stage.

Benefits of GLUCaaS

  • Invest in phones only
  • Eliminate hacking
  • Feature rich telephony
  • GEO redundancy
  • 24/7 support
  • Business continuity
  • Streamlined network operations

GLUCaaS – The Bigger Picture

What you can expect with GLUCaaS

  • No more in-house management
  • Level 3 data centre support
  • No ongoing maintenance contract
  • Eliminate CAPEX and move to OPEX
  • Eliminate hacking/fraud

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