GL Proactive Dialer (GLPD) is a suite of automated outbound calling capabilities designed to meet the requirements of all your outbound campaigns - these include Preview Dialing, Progressive Dialing and Predictive Dialing, as well as IVR Dialing, Call Recording and Monitoring, and Real-Time and Historical Reporting. GLPD services have been extended to customers of varying sizes in Canada and the US. It is especially well-suited for smaller contact centres that do not currently have proactive dialer capability. The GLPD solution suite offers a full range of embedded features to enable you to optimize your valuable agent resources and maximize your return on investment.

Benefits of GLPD

  • No capex upgrades required
  • On-demand solution
  • Easy to launch campaigns any time or at any scale
  • Pay as you go hosted model
  • Any time availability
  • Latest outbound calling capabilities

GLPD – The Bigger Picture

What you can expect with GLPD

  • Full service/feature rich Automated Outbound Calling capability
  • Supports multi-language campaigns
  • Campaign management and list management functions
  • Specializing in Debt Collections & Recovery Software Solutions
  • Fully capable of integrating with external applications
  • Geo-redundant architecture, with data centres in Markham, ON, and Montreal QC
  • 24/7 technical support staff availability

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